simple origami gift box tutorial

you're just bringing a few simple snacks to your friend's house? make a pretty gift box that can also function as a serving container!

a tutorial on how to make a simple origami gift box
or stylish serving container

what you will need: 
•  a square sheet of paper (mine was approx. 12 inches to make a 4 inch box)

how to make this square box - step by step: 
1)  select a nice piece of paper (or do it like me: use plain  paper to try it out first).

2)  fold the paper in half twice so the fold marks create a "plus" symbol when you unfold.
for every step: crease well by folding tightly. 

3) fold the corners over by pointing the tip towards the middle of the paper. repeat with all four corners.

4)  fold each corner over again individually (as in step 3) but this time add an additional fold as seen in step 4.

5)  once you completed the extra fold (step 4) your paper will look like this.

6)  fold the paper as in the picture to create the first two outer walls of the box. (you can ignore the black stone, i only used it to have my hands free for the photo).

7)  fold in the walls as in the picture to create a flap. the corner of the paper will point upwards. create the third wall by folding the flap over.

8/9)  repeat step 7 to create the fourth and final wall. picture 9 shows this step from a different angle.
i'm sure you couldn't help but notice that i was using the perfect nail polish the day i took the photo ;)

10)  done!

•  make sure your paper is really square. if it's not, cut it to be square.
•  then use the paper you cut off creatively – i made a bow for the snack bag as you can see in the final picture below.
•  make tight folds by creasing well (i ran my nails over every crease)
•  try this project out with plain paper first so you don't waste the pretty paper in case it doesn't work out the first time.

since people's thinking patterns differ, here is a link to another instruction of how to make a simple origami box in case my tutorial doesn't quite work for you.

doesn't this make a cute gift box for snacks and candy? 
and all you need is just some pretty paper and a few minutes of time!

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karen said...

love the tutorial, thanks! And boy your nail polish is so coordinated with the tutorial :)

Tracey ~ Clover said...

I do have a whole stack of pretty paper and now I know just what I can do with it! This a such a cute idea, thank you!

Cheltz said...

This, actually, is really helpful and simple. I'm sure I'll be able to come up with some use for it --- even if it's just impressing my kids :).

sylvia said...

this is very cute and thanks for all the tips you included as well!! love your nailpolish matching the paper ;)

Anja said...

Cool, just done it :) Very nice paper!!!!

Marianne said...

Wow! I wished I were as clever as you in folding beautiful paper into a giftbox. Thank you for the idea!

Sara {home is where the cookies are} said...

Oh! I love this! The kids could do this too. Perfect for making simple little things more special. Thanks!

Unknown said...

I can attest to how amazing these convert out! Juli covered gift boxes for all of us H&R employees, and I didn't noticed they weren't expertly covered until I study this post!

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