diy gift idea: a homemade hand scrub

while browsing pinterest for homemade gift ideas (preferably something made in the kitchen), i stumbled upon this project.  a quick glance onto my kitchen board revealed i had all the ingredients to make this in the house. so i got to work.

here are the ingredients as mentioned in the source link:

1,5  cups sugar
1/3 cup salt
zest of 1 extra large lemon (or other citrus)
1 cup olive oil

i recommend using less then 1 cup of olive oil at first, and to add more later according to your likes.
next time want to try an alternative to olive oil, because i felt it overpowers the scent of the lemon a little, which is why a few drops of essential oil might be helpful.

it is the perfect last minute gift though, as these are ingredients that are usually around. i tried it out right away and made a jar for myself as well. it feels awesome on the hands! i now want to try one with peppermint to use as a foot scrub.
oh the possibilities!


karen said...

Thanks for sharing this! I have been looking for a scrub and this looks perfect. Love the photo :)

Unknown said...

This looks awesome!!! Thank you for sharing. I'm adding it to pintrest now!

simona said...

the few and quite regular ingredients make me want to try it out as well. and the jar looks cute!

Cheltz said...

Ihr redet Deutsch?!? Wo kommt ihr her?

simona said...

@ Cheltz:
Hey, ja, tun wir! Wir sind beide in Hamburg aufgewachsen, ich lebe allerdings seit 6 Jahren in der Nähe von Atlanta. Und du?

~Kelly~ said...

Awesome! Thanks for sharing this "recipe". If I didn't have to get to baseball practice with the little one in a few, I might have just made my own! Great gift idea!!

Tracey ~ Clover said...

I will be mixing up a batch of this this evening! Thanks so much I could really use this.

Cheltz said...

Ich bin in Utah aufgewachsen, aber ich lebte 18 Monate in Wien und ein Sommer in Basel :).

Magst du Atlanta? In meiner Erlebniss, die Deutcher ich kenne, woollen nicht in der USA leben :).

Anonymous said...

Na dann sende ich Dir ganz liebe Grüßeaus dem verregneten Stuttgart. Du hast einen tollen Blog. Hoffe das ich Dein Rezept für das Peeling richitg verstanden habe und bin schon auf Deinen Bericht über das Pfefferminzpeeling gespannt. Sei ganz lieb Gegrüßt

Ellen said...

Now this looks interesting - thanks for the link. I wonder how long it lasts? Do you store in the refrigerator?

Michelle Day said...


I followed you over from Somewhat Simple’s Link Party and this is going to make the perfect Mother's Day gift.

I would love to invite you to share this, and any other posts you would like to, at my Creative Thursday Link Party (opens at 9 pacific tonight) at
Have a great day,

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