bookmarks for friends - and etsy stock take

the past few days i've again been busy making bookmarks. i still need to make some more since i've already given away all the bookmarks i did a little over a week ago or at least have marked whom they'll be given to.

bookmark "imaginary flurry" - FOR SALE -

there are currently only a few that will make it into our store, like the one above for example. the others are again already spoken for...

what i like so much about making bookmarks is that they not only make a pretty present but also a useful present. and they're fun to make since every one is unique.

enjoy your day, make it artsy!

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sylvia said...

oh, i love the way they look all grouped together, just lovely! wonderful collection, but awesome as individual gifts too!

KatEzat said...

I love the colours, the purples and lilacs are so soft.

Thanks for coming and joining in the Etsy Stock Take.


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