girl with umbrella sketch

one photo that i found on pinterest really struck my interest. something about it's simplicity fascinates me. the umbrella, the trench coat, the way she looks over her shoulder... love it! so i sketched the image, not in a way of recreating it accurately, but capturing what it says to me. i already know that i will spend more time with this image, sketching it and approaching it from different angles, sort of studying it. one of the things i've already been thinking about is trying out color schemes, such as this one that i had created a while ago:

unfortunately this color scheme and the post that went with it includes bad memories of losing a great quantity of my most important files on the computer. the initial response i get to admitting that it happened is: why didn't you back up? the thing is, i did. but a long list of human errors led to the unthinkable. they are gone. as gone as gone can be. gone in the sense that even the fbi couldn't recover them. no, worse: the csi miami guys wouldn't even be able to recover them!

that also means the little "folk art flower designs" are gone. sure, i could recreate them and i know i will at some point. but i was really far along with a project that involved these flowers and it took quite a number of weeks of my time to get this far. i had almost completed it. sooo frustrating. 

have you also lost a major part of your work at any time?  did it upset you a lot or where you able to keep your cool and quietly start over again? 

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Tracey ~ Clover said...

Oh Simona, how tragic to lose a part of yourself like that..I am so sorry.
Yes, I did lose some old boring business files, but they weren't really connected to me you know?
You, my heart breaks for and I do hope one day that you can create them again. :)

Tonya said...

Ugggg! How absolutely maddening! I am just dismal when it comes to backing things up. Dismal. I do have a flash drive where I try to save all my important stuff, but it is the time element - just don't (or don't take) the minute and a half it takes to do it!

Love the sketch. I wonder what she's thinking?

barefoot mama said...

Go outside and break a something...that always makes me feel better..haha! to answer your question, No, I am not a very good "just silently start over' kind of person:))

I AM SO SO SO SO sorry!! I know first hand how incredible frustrating this can be:((

sylvia said...

Yes, i lost all the original files of a wedding i had photographed (and edited the photos) once, because our laptop crashed shortly after. but that was the only time. now we have Time Machine!
I'm really sorry :((( but i know whatever you (re-)create will be just as good, or even better!

Lisa said...

How annoying! Sometimes I think things would be simpler if we went back to not having computers.

But i really love that sketch, especially her expression.

simona said...

@ everybody:
... thanks for letting my whine a little, and thanks for your kind words of sympathy ;)

Marianne said...

Sweetheart: ever so sorry about that loss.
Well, when I was very little, a boy stole a monkey holding drums (the arms could be wound up and he'd play), which had been given to me as a farewell-present by an "auntie" when my mom and I left Berlin for good. I've still got that very scene in my mind. Another time a schoolmate refused to hand me my favorite book back: "Oncle Tom's Hut", claiming, she never got it.
That's all peanuts in comparison to your valuable losses, of course, yet to a child they mean a lot.

Kelly @ Polkadot Lane said...

How devastating Simona! We have nearly lost all our photos twice but thanks to a very talented, computer savvy BIL, they were eventually rediscovered.
I love your sketch - there is just something fantastic about it, and I love how you have been inspired by a pinned photo - such a great use of a pin! Thanks for playing along xx

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