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i love finding beauty in everyday life, which is why you will often find me taking photographs of everyday objects, scenes that are randomly created or details that suddenly catch my attention.  thoughout the years i have taken a lot of photos of everyday details and i enjoy reading blogs of people who love to capture everyday beauty as well.

more often then i wish though, weeks pass and i suddenly realize that i haven't taken many photos. i find myself caught up in my everyday life and also quite frankly often believe that what i see and experience every day (except with this delightful 2-year-old boy of mine) is simply too boring and too repetitive to be captured with a camera. but of course, every day is different and has it's own beauty. it's just all about opening one's eyes and noticing it. that is where photo-a-day projects come in handy.

i backed out of one project 365 (take a photo every day of the year) before though, so i knew it wouldn't make sense to try that again. i don't carry my camera everywhere i go, and often in the evening i realized i hadn't taken a photo that day, but by then i was too lazy and too uninspired to get my camera and think of something fancy to shoot.

my (photographic) life changed when i acquired a phone with a good built-in camera, got hooked on instagram and joined my first photo-a-day monthly challenge. a theme, a word, a topic for the day was just the motivation and inspiration i needed. i can drop out for a month our i can carry on. i love the effects, i love how quick it is, i love the format. and at some point i will have these photos printed as well. of course, i am still using my beloved dslr camera, for most projects, it simply cannot be replaced!

are you on instagram? if we haven't "met" there yet but you'd like to, please leave you username in the comments!


Unknown said...

I too am trying a project 365 for the 4th (or maybe 5th!) time! I got an iphone last summer and that is helping TONS as I always seem to forget my camera when there's something interesting going on! I just came across the photo a day challenge with themes so I'm looking forward to using that in March. I'm already finding it hard to think of things to photograph and we're only 2 months into the year!

Anonymous said...

As always: plaueplume
Would love to follow you also on instagram :).
And since I always lack inspiration I'll give photo-a-day a shot!

Tracey ~ Clover said...

I am not a instagramer, but I just wanted to say that I love your photos. Each day, no matter how repetitive, each moment, is a gift so please don't think taking a photo of something is boring...it's not! It will all go by so quickly and one day you will be thankful you took the pictures.:)
Much love.

simona said...

i'm not on instagram. do you need an iphone for it? i'll have to check that out.
although i have not taken part in any photography challenge yet i enjoy looking at other people's photography, even the every day type of photography i find exciting and inspiring.

i love your instagrams! the one with the Kresse is beautiful and i always enjoy seeing the cute chubby feet of mr.S in your pictures :)

simona said...

@ Tracey:
i agree with you, the "boring" things of the moment are the most memorable things in the future. our everyday life changes so much over the years, those "boring" moments will be precious to remember.

karen said...

Sadly I quit half way through the feb photo a day....I admire your sticktoit-resolve!!!

Meryl said...

I always have to take pictures of food...there's just something beautiful about it, in a very common sort of way.

Instagram is the only app that ever makes me envious of you iphone users. I adore my android...except no instagram. :(

christy said...

what a great idea...i am not on instagram...think i need an iphone for that don't i...oh well, i often take everyday photos and my hubby and kids think i am nuts...maybe i will start posting some in my blog too!!! you are right, i so love seeing those others post and i do get inspired from them

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