selfmade toys: a memory game

last year in the german scrapbooking magazine Scrap Art Zine i shared an off-the-page project mainly for kids or kids' spaces in each issue. they also made their way onto this space (go check the domino game, mobile and hook rack). 

this is the last project that was featured, a self-made memory game. it is very similar to the domino, but for a bit older children. i chose to do a word-picture memory, instead of a picture-picture one. this way, it is a little harder. but it is also a fantastic way to learn the spelling of words, maybe even in a foreign language (we speak german here at home, so this game might be a help some day to learn some simple english vocabulary).
 what i used for this project were plenty of patterned papers with little items and pictures on them that fit on my cardboard squares (so-called inchies, these are by Bazzill), photos edited or cut to a fitting size, and small letter stickers by Making Memories.

 i spraypainted both sides of the cardboard squares. i did this because it looked like the simplest and quickest solution. it also makes it harder to cheat (hee hee, i know what little memory players are like...) when all the backsides look identical (which they probably wouldn't have had if i had glued patterned paper to them).

 short and simple words, together with pictures that are easy to identify.

 in the end i made a little box to put all the pieces in (see first photo).

i can't wait to play memory with my littles!


Tracey ~ Clover said...

Very cute idea and one I think I will be doing with the wee one.

Sara {home is where the cookies are} said...

Oh! I LOVE this! You made it SO CUTE!! I made a memory game for my son a couple of years ago using pictures of our family. We all cherish it. I love your idea though, because you can make it for someone else too! (Who wants a memory game of my family. . . except my family???) Beautiful little game!

barefoot mama said... creative! I get so many great ideas here. I just keep bookmarking your posts:))

simona said...

how funny you mentioned cheating by means of learning how the back of the cards look like, even the minor creases in the cardboard that result from playing can give hints. YOU taught me that, haha!

and i see you used your curtains to spray paint on... i figure you replaced them! did i see the new ones yet?

Kelly @ Polkadot Lane said...

This is such a cute project Sylvia. It looks adorable and fun - an all-round success! xx

Ellen said...

This is a creative and fun way to learn some sight words for reading. I love the little chipboard pieces. And the box is a great way to put it all together. Hope your kids like it. I found that when I played a memory game that my kids would remember where things were better than I.

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