thrifty crafts — d.i.y. tea light holder tutorial #2

after a few busy days i finally got to craft again, it felt really good! since i have a number of plain glass tea light holders i wanted to try out more ideas of how to decorate them. among many other ideas that i still plan on exploring, i had stumbled upon a neat diy candle holder on pinterest, it became my project of the day. here is how to make it.

what you will need:

•  glass tea light or candle holder
•  yarn (mine was a little too fuzzy, try to use one with less fuzz)
•  glue strip (tape), or if you don't have any you just tie a knot!
•  paint & paintbrush or spray-paint (i buy my paint at blick)

how to make this decorative tea light holder - step by step: 

1)  wrap the yarn around the glass, criss crossing it to create interesting effects. i used tape to glue the ends of the yarn to the bottom of the glass, but you can also tie the ends together if you prefer.

2)  paint the glass. you might need to apply more than one coat.

3)  when the paint is dry, remove the tape and yarn.  done!

although i did not have spray paint as rachel and mark (who inspired me) did, i just wanted to try this project out with regular paint for the fun of it and later decide if i want to invest in some spray paint. and yes, now i know that i do want to get some spray paint to do more of these or similar candle holders. perhaps even taller glasses to get more of the pretty criss cross effect going. the coat of color will apply much more evenly if sprayed.

to find another tea light holder tutorial you can click here.

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Kelly @ Polkadot Lane said...

Very cool! Pinterest has some great links, doesn't it? I'm hoping to start making some of my pins soon. I think a tall glass/tea light holder will look fantastic in this style too. Take care x

Tonya said...

I like it just the way it is! This is a project that even uncrafty me could do!

barefoot mama said...

Such a fun project! Thanks for sharing:)) ~ B

simona said...

@ Kelly: You're totally right, I started on Pinterest just a short time ago and am trying hard not to get too hooked!

@ Tonya: You're funny :) Glad you like it. I do think it's easy enough for anybody to do this project even with kids.

@ barefoot mama: You're so welcome!

Rebecca @ My Girlish Whims said...

Thanks so much for linking up to Your Whims Wednesday, I featured this on my blog tonight! Stop on by and grab a button :)

Helmi said...

Nice blog, this is a great idee. Thanks for sharing.

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