shop freebie and giveaway winner announcement

because we would like to thank our readers and all who leave those nice comments here on artsy ants, we thought of a way we could treat all of you to some goodies:

we will add a free custom wire ornament to every order at the artsy ants shop placed by december 20th. you will have the choice of either an acorn, a letter of the alphabet, or a flower. please mention in the checkout process which free ornament you'd like me to make for you.

since the favorite etsy item among the giveaway participants came out to be the wire owl ornament, as a thank you for your feedback this owl will be 50% OFF (this offer is good for 1 week only, i will create more of these owls if they sell out).

and last but not least, here comes the giveaway winner announcement: decided that the winner would be: no. 1!!
congratulations Tracey,  we will put your art bookmark and wire heart ornament in the mail as soon as possible!

wishing everybody a wonderful weekend!


shehimandanotherday said...

Hello dear, you do not have to thank, I do it willingly! :D

Of course, I was worried this viewpoint. I have not bothered if people could translate or not. Your comment has been so very important to me, because I realized that something was not right. I saw the link that you sent me. Now i have the translator in blog :)
I wanted to ask you a favor. You can try and tell me if everything is ok? I would be very grateful! *-*


shehimandanotherday said...

P.S - This post is fantastic, the owl is so CUTE!!!

Tracey ~ Clover said...

Thank you! I have not been feeling well,but this just perked me up!
Have a lovely day.

Mary Hudak-Collins said...

Congratulations Tracey!

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