last time this year - wearing my favorite summer outfits

since my in-house photographer (also known as my better half) was busy today, i decided to photograph the pieces separately and make a collage of my most recent outfits. the weather forecast says the milder weather will be over by tomorrow, so this is also a good-bye post to my favorite summer outfits before they will be stored away for the winter.

the first outfit collage shows my bright yellow dress which is a thrift store find (2.), the artsy silver necklace my father-in-law spotted in a tag sale (1.), and the cute summery shoes by sketchers that i got for more than half off at a clearance sale (3.).

the second outfit is a long shirt that sylvia found for me at a thrift store (1.), skinny jeans that i got for a fraction of the store price at an esprit outlet in switzerland (2.), and the cutest little silver shoes from nine west that i scored at marshall's (3.).

actually, i had photographed another outfit but it will takes too long to make another collage right now. sorry, you'll be missing out  :)

i am excited about taking out my winter clothes tomorrow. besides making room in the closet, i feel like it 'renews' old clothes to store them away for the season. i mean 'renewing' in the sense of not having seen certain outfits in months so that they feel like new again.

do you also store away your outfits according to season? or do you keep them in the closet all year long?

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sylvia said...

lovely lovely outfits! of course i'm still crying because that blouse didn't fit. it's soooo perfect!
i keep most of my clothes here year round, because we don't have that much storage space. things i did put away (or will still do within the next days) are about half of my t-shirts and my summer skirts and dresses. and i bring out my woolen pullovers instead.

Tracey ~ Clover said...

Very cute outfits! I am drooling over the dress!
I will be glad when cooler weather hits here,we were 76 yesterday!

Tonya said...

I love, love that dress! I, too, am a big fan of thrift and consignment stores. I recently scored a pair of Sketchers ballet flats for 3 bucks!

Anonymous said...

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