diy: handmade rack with hooks

today i'm sharing a project that was featured in an article i wrote for the fall issue of the ScrapArtZine scrapbooking magazine. i had a series this year with mainly off-the-page projects of things to do and make for a children's room. projects so far have been the toddler domino game and the dreamy mobile. 

this decorative rack with hooks is perfect for a hallway or for a corner in a children's room or nursery. once again, the pictures make the project pretty self-explanatory. but here is a quick how-to:

what you need: 
a wooden board
torn up book pages
white chipboard elements
gel medium
stamp pads
hooks and screws

what to do:
after glueing the book pages and the chipboard pieces to the wooden board, let them dry and then paint them with gesso. keep the gesso watery especially on the book pages so that you can still see some of the type. i then simply painted the chipboard pieces with stamp pads and added some extra stamps and rub-ons. after everything was dry, i sealed it with gel medium and attached the hooks. i used two screws and a piece of wire to create a hanger on the back.

of course, there are endless possibilities of decorating a rack. i like this project because it looks very playful and i wouldn't mind hanging it in the hallway or another place apart from a child's bedroom. it's perfect not just for coats and hats but also for hanging bags and baskets to store small toys and other important belongings.

i can very well imagine that i will try a similar project again in a few years with some little hands helping me out!


Unknown said...

This is so beautiful and quirky. I like the way you could change the background to match the season. This is very cool, I will put it onto PINTEREST! thank you for sharing.

Tracey ~ Clover said...

I love visiting here! You two always have the coolest ideas and guess what the wee one is getting for Christmas? Thank you!

simona said...

this is such a neat idea, sylvia! and i can tell that it would fit so well into your adorable apartment. i can imagine making a more grown-up version of this for our place. (especially since, you know, we've got our particular key/key-rack issues still going on... haha)

Carolyn said...

What a fun hook rack. Really, really cute. I would love for you to add this to my Inspiration Board {link party}. Hope to see you there.
carolyn - homework

barefoot mama said...

Now that is cute:) LOVE it! Barefoot Mama

creativejewishmom/sara said...

love it, and the tutorial might have seemed obvious to you, but necessary for those of us not versed in mixed media (just yet!)

Dawn said...

Oh my goodness! Your blog is a treasure! Following you now via GFC. I'm off to read more! =)

Karen said...

I love the project and I love the end result!

amanda {the habit of being} said...

what a very, very sweet project! i imagine having a cute place for jackets to hang makes kids actually want to hang them up ;-)

Anonymous said...
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