art day: exhibition details

the exhibition i mentioned in monday's post took place in a building in the harbour area of hamburg. in the 4th floor of huge warehouse building we and about 8 others are using a huge room as a band practice room. out of that circle of friends the idea was born to have an exhibtion in one of the halls. the warehouse is about to be torn down next summer (unfortunately this will mean the end of our lovely music sessions, concerts - and art exhibitions there), most of the warehouse areas are not used anymore, so we had it all to ourselves.

the whole look of it might not be everybody's taste,  but i personally love the rustic, worn out look of it all, industrial but totally outdated at the same time.

out of respect of other artists' work i did not take detailed pictures of their art, i just wanted to give you an idea what the building looks like and how it looked when we set everything up (before the guests arrived):

as i mentioned sold a piece (so very exciting for me, something i would never have expected!)
i had shared it here on the blog a long time ago. this piece i created in 2010 found a new home:

detail pictures of the other pieces i exhibited including the one i made last week to follow in a few days!


Danielle Quarmby said...

That looks so fantastic! I would have loved to be there. Congrats on your sale :)

Tracey ~ Clover said...

What a shame the building is being torn down as it looks like a great place to display art and listen to concerts. I love old buildings!
Congratulations on your sale!

simona said...

I'm with Danielle: Would have loved to be there!!
And I'm excited with and for you to have sold a piece. Looking forward to your post that will show the other pieces you exhibited, I'm curios to see them!

Marianne said...

It was a lovely experience to see, how many artistic friends you've got. I also liked this old brick building, gave a special feeling to the exhibition.
Of course, I'm happy for you, too, that you sold the "Nachteule"!

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