of family photos and thrifty attire

since we don't have the opportunity to take family pictures very often (the reason being that our families live "an ocean apart") we had two photo shoots in the last weeks. that might sound a little excessive but the first time we had self-timer/auto-focus/cropping issues that we only noticed when blowing the photos up on the computer screen at home. we had a lot of fun though spending time in the park with one of us pushing the release button and running back to the scene before the blinking light turns solid and the shutter closes.

about what we wore: 
for all of us to match on the family pictures we wore blue jeans. my jeans are super old, and sylvia's jeans came from a clothes swap party.
sylvia's teal shirt was a thrift store find. she loves the girly style sleeves combined with the comfy flow. the gray shirt i was wearing was a new purchase, which is very unusual for me. i got it at tjmaxx after i had tried it on a few weeks before at filene's basement and decided not to spend the money on it. the stitched details had caught my eye and just as with sylvia and her shirt: i'm in love with how comfy and flowy it is.

when our local goodwill first opened i found this gray dress. it's brand is popular in germany, so i didn't expect to find it in an american thrift store. i enjoy combining the dress with the yellow wood bead necklace that i got for a steep discount at kohl's. gray and yellow is just one of the neatest color combinations i can think of.

you can find another brand new artsy ants portrait on our updated meet the ants page.
how do you like it? (don't tell us if you don't, haha!)

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Danielle Quarmby said...

You guys are so gorgeous :) I'm enjoying catching up after being away - for some reason I couldn't see your images when reading the blog on my phone. Such beautiful photos!

Tracey ~ Clover said...

How beautiful you two are! I love seeing the smiles and I can't help smiling just looking at the picture, you both look so happy!xx

Janna said...

Both of you look so pretty. Visiting from Pleated Poppy.

Anonymous said...

well aren't you two the CUTEST!!! I loved getting to see you together. <3

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