from the archives: the book and the shirt

here is another post taken from my old blog. i find it fitting as we just came home from our big trip this year, and once again i used the book i had made for spencer (illustrated bei myself and simona) to prepare him for the flight. 

 i also made a new travel tee for him, this time i copied the airplane design onto a piece of light fabric, cut it out and simply zigzagged it onto a green shirt. i had once planned to translate the book into english, but it never happened. i have now given it as a gift even to english speakers, the german is simple so it can be understood easily.



here comes the "old" post:

the book arrived on saturday. oh wow, it was pure excitement opening the package and looking at the pictures and reading the sentences in print for the first time with spencer on my lap....

i had made up this design for the airplane and use it throughout the book. i thought it would be cool for spencer to have a special travel shirt as well (even though i'm sure it won't stay on him for long, considering the amount of drool we have to deal with at the moment, LOL!) so i just traced the pattern onto a plain long-sleeved shirt with edding textile markers, ironed it - done! so cool. i have been doodling a little during the last weeks and plan to make some more self-designed shirts for him using fabric paint, which i prefer over the marker.

and this is my favourite page/collage/part of the story: spencer meeting his uncle and aunt at the airport in america:

simona has a new pixie hair cut by now, but i think you can still tell it's her... ;-)


simona said...

When he was here he showed me everything in the book and recognized all of us in there. That was so cool!
We should make another book for him one day, what do you think?!

Tracey ~ Clover said...

That is just AWESOME! You both are so talented, thanks for sharing with the rest of us!

Anonymous said...

So awesome! What a wonderful gift to create for your child, and one that will surely be cherished and passed down.

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