the fall list

fall is taking it's time here in the southern US, but for the last few days, the shift was more apparent, especially during the nights. so glad for these extra layers of blankets simona put on us while we were sleeping soundly!

i like to keep track of goals i set for each season, to really savour them and make the best of them. so i bought this book recently, in which there are lovely lists of things to do, but plenty of pages to add your own notes. i'm looking forward to reading my notes in the years to come, go back to them, keeping traditions or making changes to our little rituals according to the needs of our family. and a beautiful notebook by one of my favourite artists is the perfect tool to record it all!

so, what have i checked off my autumn goals list?

the butternut squash soup (which my little one is going crazy for, yay! his version is with extra sour cream and cinnamon), two bonfires so far and collecting acorns. more to come for sure!


Color Curve Design said...

Nice post, I can't wait to do a bonfire!!!
My fall projects so far are to finish my summer projects! Yesterday I patched bare spots in my lawn with grass seed, and the day before, I planted some perennials that I still had in pots.

I can't wait for winter, then I can enjoy my fall activities!

Tracey ~ Clover said...

I am so thankful that fall found the south! Would you want to share your butternut squash soup recipe? I have one I prepare, but it doesn't call for cinnamon or sour cream so I'm curious. We grew butternut squash for the first time and I have many pounds of it everywhere! xx

Tonya said...

What a neat journal! I'm in the market for one, and I might just have to get this one! I just love butternut soup. Thanks for the reminder to make some!

Isa said...

Nikki McClure is one of my favourites, too - I saw her new pregnancy journal recently and really started thinking about maybe having another baby ... ;)

I have been doing a season's journal on and off, but it looks like I'll have to get that one. Thanks for sharing!

ellenmarie said...

i so want that book, thanks for sharing! and i think it's a great idea to make goals each season, may have to adopt that idea myself!

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