a sketch a day: ••• scribbles for students

since i haven't posted any sketches lately i thought it was about time. my recent sketches for the most part were in preparation for drawing lessons i was about to give.

the cherries where test drawings of how i could show a young student that just recently got into drawing how to make fuller use of his set of color pencils by means of shading, blending, layering etc.

the wolf sketches and the figurine where tests drawing as well for another student who's into animation drawings. he wants to improve drawing poses and had a wolf character that he wanted to work on as well. so i needed to practice wolf faces myself in order to figure out how to teach the easiest way of drawing them.

the classic 'ball with shadow' shows shadows and shading well, it's a nice practice for students training their pencil skills.

on a different note, sylvia and i made the best of today's gorgeous weather and had a painting session outside, 'plein air' you might say. more about that tomorrow...

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Tracey ~ Clover said...

The fourteen year old and I have been playing around with different mediums trying to see what we like and just what each item can do. We are having a wonderful time and it does make math a lot nicer knowing the fun stuff is waiting. I love the cherries and look forward to seeing your paintings. Thanks for the inspiration.xx

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