fishy decoration

unfortunately our master bathroom isn't very stylish. it's still got original 80's interior, the kind that i think wasn't even cool at the time. so i can't even label it 'retro look' and try to fool myself into thinking it's everybody's dream to have a master bathroom like ours. i've not done much to the room in the field of interior design and decoration since we moved here. the only thing i did do is hang some hand crafted wire fishes and some other wire sea creatures on the wall, i think they look pretty cute there, giving the room some personal and artsy touch.

hand crafted wire fish, beaded  - FOR SALE - 

one of my favorite fish designs i came up with is this somewhat abstract one pictured above, you can find it in our shop.

do you also have those rooms in your house that need a serious makeover... but since they're still functional didn't get the needed attention yet?

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Tracey ~ Clover said...

You are one talented woman Simona! The fish is adorable.
PS- Thank you for such a lovely comment about my drawing. I am NOT an artist and have never had a class. Drawing is just something I do once in a while for fun as a way to relax, so I was not sure about posting it. xx

Anonymous said...

You truly are talented, but you know, ever time I see some wire, I always think of that phrase "NO MORE WIRE HANGERS" ... I'm officially weird.

Laura Emily said...

::sigh:: I wish I had your vision when it comes to creating! Very cute fishy.

Tonya said...

Do I have rooms that need a makeover? I have an entire house!! Our house was in "move in" condition four years ago, but dated - we just haven't had the time (or the energy or the funds) to do much with it. Unfortunately, even slapping up a coat of paint is a challenge for me!

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