home made, healthy, delicious: fennel tea

when people ask me what tea i'd like to drink, i usually go for chai tea, ginger with honey, or any exotic option i haven't tried before. if i am at home though, my most common selection is fennel tea. while i personally enjoy the taste of it, fennel is claimed to have multiple health benefits so i recommend families to look into it as a natural healing alternative!

in germany fennel tea is among the most common teas, you'll find it right alongside the chamomile tea in the store shelves. but so far everybody in the u.s has responded with a big question mark on their face when i mentioned that this is what i like to drink. since i couldn't readily find the tea at stores around here, i decided to make my own home-made version of it.

to make my own fennel tea i went to the dekalb farmers market where i found the fennel seeds in the spice isle. the dekalb farmers market is one of the coolest places in atlanta. we love taking our guests there since it's very unique. having food, produce, live fish, etc. from all over the world, a lot of it organic and for reasonable prices it's a great place to shop.

the first try was disappointing: i grabbed the tub of fennel seeds, put a handful of seeds into a tea filter, and made some tea with it right when i came home from the market. the problem was that the whole seeds did not give off much flavor. the tea tasted like hot and just somewhat flavored water. so the next time i was smarter: i crushed the seeds with a morsel and then made the tea of it. much better! but still, i wanted it stronger.

my hubby had a great idea since he was the one i made grind the seeds with the morsel just because he's a tad bit stronger than me, haha. his idea was that i should use the coffee grinder that we don't like to use for coffee anymore since it doesn't grind fine enough. after i cleaned the grinder (using rice to get all the coffee residue out), i put the ground seeds into the tea filter and VOILA! i finally had the true fennel tea taste. home made and delicious either hot or chilled with a little sugar, honey, or agave.

would you like to give fennel tea a try?
what you need:

• fennel seeds  (you'll probably find them with the spices)
• grinder 
• tea filters  (click here for an example of where to find them online)
• boiling water  (let the tea steep for 10 - 15 min.)
• a cute pot and mug to enjoy your tea in
• if you like it sweet: sugar, honey, agave, etc.

do you wonder if you'll like it? 
well, obviously, if you like fennel as a spice you will also like it as a tea. if you're not sure how fennel tastes: i'd say the taste is closely related to anise and licorice

this is my delicious fennel tea, seen here in a mug decorated with drawings my friend anja. the tea company she works for uses her drawings to produce mugs, tins, and other items for their shops.

visit our shop: artsyants.etsy.com


sylvia said...

love this post, simona! and the photos are gorgeous!!
can't wait to go back to the farmer's market... very......soon!!!!!!!!!!!

Tracey ~ Clover said...

Now I'm curious and will have to try this. I am a big lover of chai tea, but your are right, fennel tea is a new one to me.
Love the photo's! xx

Bec said...

Fennel tea is great for the liver, my mum was advised to drink a lot of it not so long ago for that reason :)
Love this! BTW this is Danielle, not Bec, I have my cousin signed in on my laptop ;)

Anonymous said...

That's so interesting! I never have heard of fennel tea before, but it's awesome that is has so many health benefits :) You are so creative for making your own tea!

Erin said...

Not sure what I think about the fennel in tea... may have to try it sometime!

Katie said...

I'm so curious to try this!! xo

Andi said...

Mmmm... I bet I'd love fennel tea. I know I love the Dekalb Farmer's Market - I remember going just to browse when I lived down there. And of course, browsing always led to buying. In a good way.

Mafalda said...

I loved your post!

Being a tea lover myself, I often drink Fennel tea to help me cope with my digestive problems! Fennel comes in great aid to ease flatulence, nausea, vomiting, flatulence, etc.


Now I want to make same food recipes with fennel. Have you ever tried it?

I loved your pot and mug! Gorgeous!

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