upcycling week :: day 5 :: home decor and accessories

welcome to day 5 of our upcycling week! today we're taking a look at other stuff you can make. it might still be about clothes, but you can recycle them into so many other things as well!

i shared my corduroy bag made from a pair of trousers on the blog before. i'm still using it, if you make it out of a pair of men's trousers it has the perfect size for a beach bag:

you can find more photos in this post and the pdf tutorial is here.

vintage fabric can be used for all kinds of projects, especially if it has beautiful prints, it's great to make something with it that people actually look at. danielle made this pretty lampshade for her daughter's bedroom a few years ago:

she used an old pillowcase she was given with a pile of fabric and random textiles from a friend. then she added lace trim and stitched on a satin rose and a crochet flower, both in hot pink.

our friend Steffi makes cool bags, this one was made out of placemats. the crochet details are especially cute, thanks for sharing, Steffi!

if you don't have any fabric on hand, why not try out kitty litter bags? that's what Syrenitee springs of Project Sanity did. check out her full picture tutorial on how to make one. here is a photo of the end result:

have you got any other ideas or links to share? please do so in the comments!


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Tracey ~ Clover said...

The lamp shade is beautiful. Thanks for all the ideas. Have fun this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Turquoise and red is a color combination which keeps popping up all over the place! *Looks around to find some part of the house to decorate turquoise and red*

Mama Gone Green said...

that lampshade is amazing!!

Anonymous said...

Aww! I want a kitty litter bag! Hehe, that's such a good idea!

I hope you have a happy Friday!

Anonymous said...

That lampshade is crazy amounts of gorgeous!! I want one =) x

Xtinawaffles said...

The lampshade is brilliant! Looks straight out of an Anthropologie catalog :)


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