family music

we got this cd a few weeks ago and i've really enjoyed listening to it, so i wanted to share it here too. my hubby and i like the "adult" music of sarah lee guthrie and johnny irion and of her dad arlo guthrie (not to forget her granddad woody, of course!). i actually stumbled upon this video while watching Elizabeth Mitchell videos on youtube. "Go Waggaloo" was also released by Smithsonian Folkways just as the Elizabeth Mitchell's albums. i love the mix of new and traditional songs that celebrate everyday life, family and childhood. we also love all 3 of Frances England's albums. i personally believe that having a wide variety of children's (and family) music on hand is the secret to keeping your sanity, especially as i hope they will be loved and listened to over and over again in the coming years.

here is a cute little video introducing sarah lee guthrie, her family and "go waggaloo":


simona said...

I know a little guy that loooves this music... :)
And they're right, it's pleasant to listen to for the whole family.

Marianne said...

That "...cousins"-song should be learned by the Kings-Cousins and sung at every cousins-day, waht do you think about it? :))
Lovely music and obviously a lovely singing family.

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