celebrating cousins

a few months ago my sister-in-law and i decided to start a small tradition: to throw a party celebrating 3 cousins. it's amazing how close the bond between cousins can be isn't it? our little guy has 2 cousins, and they are 7 and 13 years apart respectively, but still there is such a strong connection. so on saturday, we had a small and simple but colourful party full of family, fun and presents for the 3 cousins.

the only decoration i put up was a banner i had made last week and which i plan to use for similar occasions in the future and a table cloth made from super-colourful ikea fabric i had in my stash for ages. i also made gift bags from leftover fabric.

the skewered fruit and the lemon water were hits! the cake i made didn't turn out that great (although i loved the decorating part!!). if anybody has a foolproof recipe for a simple and if possible more spicey than sweet cake to share, please do so in the comments!


Tracey ~ Clover said...

How wonderful to celebrate cousins! I wish mine lived closer, I have five.. my husband? over 100!
I will have to look for a cake recipe although I'm sorry to hear yours didn't turn out...it's lovely.

simona said...

the idea you and your sister-in-law had there is very cute. happy to hear the party turned out to be fun for everybody.
and your funky tablecloth is SO COOL!!! where did you get it??

sylvia said...

@tracey: your husband has over 100 cousins? W.O.W.!!!
@simona: it's IKEA fabric!

Marianne said...

Thanks for the wonderful idea of that cozy get-together with family. The cousins were so happy about the closeness of us all and - of course - about their nice and thoughtful presents. Looking forward to next time!
Dont't worry about the cake, though, it was tasty and looked very beautiful.

Anonymous said...

OH MY Gosh, look at that table cloth, LOVE it, it's so tres chic meets rainbow world. Love the party layout!

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