rediscovering an inspiring color palette

back in january i found a beautiful and very inspiring color palette, you can see it below. i challenged my sister sylvia to use it in a project of her choice and i loved what she came up with.

yesterday, when i was thinking of what my next paint project would be, i remembered these warm colors and wanted to incorporate them into my artwork. some of my color pencils are in the range of this palette, so i took them out today to make a sketch. my personal challenge of the day is to use these colors in a landscape painting.

my idea is to use a square canvas just like this one (in the photo you see an unfinished painting on my easel and a messy palette).

how do you go about deciding your color palette for your artwork?
i usually just go with whatever i come up with after i decided on the subject and made a few sketches. but i also like the idea of having a set palette before i even decide on the subject, it's a nice challenge!


sylvia said...

comments on this post from intensedebate (changed things round again:)

Halina commented on rediscovering an inspiring color palette -

Thanks so much for sharing on our creative spaces! You art and blog is so inspiring! Wish I could take your painting class :)

Asiye commented on rediscovering an inspiring color palette -

wonderful project!
love the colourpalette
I usally get my colour ideas from my surrounds- often in nature- and i use my camera to document them
happy creative space!

belinda marshall said...

wow, it looks great!
i'm usually drawn to the same set of colours {can't help it!}. might be nice to set a challenge in this regard :)

beth said...

What great colors and a fabulous painting! I'm wondering if it, (or something similar) will show up in the shop?

I came thisclose to buying the three beach prints in the shop, and was devastated to see that they had sold. I'd love to know when something beachy might be for sale. I keep envisioning them on my walls at home and it makes me smile.

Such a wonderful inspiration!

simona said...

@ beth:
thank you so much! i am very happy to hear you enjoy my paintings!
sure, i will put some more paintings like this into the shop, now that i know other people might be interested in them.
i will try to contact you via your blog and see if you'd like me to make a new set of beach paintings for you.
- simona -

Marianne said...

That sketch looks like "L√ľneburger Heide" or "Fischbeker Heie" to me (talking of Harburg :)
Those are hilly areas covered by heather, which make a "purple carpet" in late summer and invite to long walks.
Beautiful colors indeed!

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