featured artsy friend: anja

would it surprise you to hear that artsy ants have artsy friends? probably not :)
we had started a series of introducing some of our friends on this blog. click here to find out about who's been featured already. 

today's featured artist is anja. anja and i have known each other since 5th grade. we graduated high school together, and then even continued on to college together to study design. besides her being the fun and amicable person that i have always enjoyed being around, we have a lot in common. our love for art, design, and hand made items has always been one of the strongest connections. 

now you're welcome to sit back, relax, and enjoy the interview and samples of anja's artwork!

what are your favorite materials to work with?

at the moment i use acrylic paint. when scrap-booking i'll use anything i could possibly think of - i love experimenting! i prefer layouts to be "clean" and neatly arranged but sometimes i also enjoy chaos, just for the fun of it :)

do you already know what your next project will be?

i'm really looking forward to a canvas i'm going to scrap for my sister, it'll be at least 70 x 90 cm (28 x 35 in). this will be a real challenge for me!

do you have any tips on how to get creative in the midst of every day life?

i sometimes really have to pull myself together in order to create something. but every time i do it's incredibly rewarding, it's fun and very relaxing! it makes me happy every time i didn't spend the evening in front of the tv…

having a new idea for our apartment is very inspiring to me. i love coming up with something that will organize clutter or to add some decorative accent that will stand out. it's such a nice feeling to get compliments on things in our apartment that we came up with and have made ourselves.

another thing that is very important to my creativity is music, it lets me forget everything else around me. at the moment I love listening to alanis morissette und mando diao unplugged. actually, there are a lot of artists that inspire me, i couldn't list them all.

(above you see anja holding her camera and to the right some of her outstanding animal photography.) 

anja, how do you go about capturing pictures such as these animal photos here?

it's all about patience. i watch my subject and wait for the right moment. i try to get as close as possible and then wait for the special scene. if people are my subject i generally prefer candid shots, when nobody looks into the camera and they don't even realize they're being photographed.

thank you, anja for this interview and letting us show off your talent!

anja has a really nice blog you don't want to miss. the blog is written in german, but since anja's english is excellent you may also write your comments in english.


sylvia said...

i agree: anja is one sweet, talented and artsy girl! great interview. and that hamburg painting on top is my absolute favourite. you should consider selling prints of it!!

Tracey ~ Clover said...

Thank you for a wonderful introduction to a very talented girl! Headed over to poke around her blog. Have a great weekend.

Tonya said...

I LOVE the fruit still-life painting and the shades of yellow and green.

Kim Airhart said...

I love the bear and the little squirrel pics. So cute!

Marianne said...

@anja: Thanks, Anja, for letting us benefit from the interview and some of your artwork. I appreciate your talent.

@simona: Excellent idea to interview Anja!

Elle Sees said...

im always in awe of those with the talent of art.

Anja said...

@Marianne: Thank you! It was a pleasure for me as well being introduced as a "featured artsy friend" :)

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