a little preview

also, hello and welcome readers coming from maya*made! make yourself comfortable and enjoy your look around. feel free to browse our archives on crafts and making stuff and be sure to visit our shop! oh, and we'll be announcing a giveaway this week, it'll involve some custom art. so make sure to visit the ant hill again!

(on the top of this post was a picture announcing the topics of the next few posts. it got lost due to blogger's  fluke the past days. or am i the only one not seeing it? until we have a chance to reload this file, here's another image just so you have something to look at for today. it's a sketch showing two bunnies having a little "blanket problem".) 

have a great weekend!


Marianne said...

Such a problem you have, once you travel to France...... :(
Did the bunnies travel to France or do they actually live there - and if: where?

Anonymous said...

oooh i can't wait to see these coming-soon topics! and your shirt is ADORABLE!

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