i ♥ buttons

on this post the other day you could see part of my button collection. i keep them on a colourful string of fabric next to many other things i love and that are close to my heart. here's a look at my 5 (current) favourites and where they're from:

1. i (heart) tea (yes i do, and coffee, and milk) from lark, australia
2. hope from sophie isobel designs
(i got both button no. 1 and 2 from my lovely friend danielle q!)
3. knitting is knotty (read with an american accent ;-)) by sarah utter via buy olympia
4. snowman to declare my love of winter with snow by krima & isa
5. my official membership badge of the cloud appreciation society

do you wear buttons? where are your favourites from?

just a sidenote: thanks to Beth from Deer Little Fawn for 2 awesome blog awards. we'll be passing the awards on and giving you (another) 7 facts about us next week!


Tracey ~ Clover said...

I love the Knitting is Knotty button. I use to wear buttons, but have not in years.

simona said...

i used to have what i found a cool button collection years ago, but i took them all off my bag when traveling by plane. i was afraid the security people would steal them. now i don't even know where i put them.

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