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it's time for a post about this and that:

loving this bouquet of flowers i bought for the kitchen window sill. so small and yet so cute and colourful.

a few days ago i got some surprise happy mail all over from australia, from my lovely friend Danielle. made my day, and many days after that as well! :))

it's quite a while ago that we were awarded the "Stylish Blogger Award" by Kelly from Polkadot Lane (check out her blog, she makes supercute children's clothes!) thanks so much Kelly! and a few days later we got the same award from Tiffany from hello-tiffany. thanks to you as well! with receiving the award, you're supposed to write 7 facts about you. well, this is always hard. let's make it 4 from me, 3 from simona, okay?

1. one of my new year's resolutions was to drink a glass of warm water every morning. i skipped a few mornings, but so far i'm going strong with this one.
2. i am completely addicted to knitting. so much i wonder when i will start sewing again.
3. i fall asleep very quickly. i guess it takes me between 5-7 minutes but i can't really tell.
4. almost every time i want to leave the house i have to return just as i start walking down the stairs because i forgot something.
now from simona:
5. i didn't have my tv hooked up for the last 2 and a half years and i don't miss it.
6. i absolutely love salty liquorice
7. i plan my days and weeks around potentially being able to skype with my nephew (6 hours time difference and bed times have to be considered).

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have a great day!


simona said...

these flowers are so pretty, so nicely combined. the soft looking leaves got to be lambs ears, right? i love touching those!

sylvia said...

actually, i'm not quite sure how they're called in german. it's the cutest and prettiest bouquet ever. it's only about 18 cm high. i was told in the shop where i bought them that an old lady in "altes land" makes them herself and has a special technique for tying them all together!

Tonya said...

I love little flower arrangements. Yesterday, the kids and I collected flowers from the yard - the early spring perennials that we have in the States, and made two little vases full - so pretty!

Anonymous said...
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