feeling food inspired

even though my pollen allergy is making me feel anything but energetic i know there are only a few more days to go and i will be able to truly enjoy spring. food is on my mind a lot these days. we have slowly grown into a family of 3 eaters... even though the little man has been eating for a while of course, it is only now that i can say that i plan our meals with him in mind too and there are hardly any evenings where i make him a separate meal.

local, seasonal and simple is my favourite. i love just tossing some veggies into the pan with some fresh herbs and then serve them with some eggs or homemade bread. "Apples for Jam" just arrived at my doorstep today, and i can't wait to browse it tonight in bed. so many beautiful photographs, certainly food-inspiring. i have thought of looking into "Feeding the Whole Family", as it focuses on recipes for families with toddlers and babies.

what about you more experienced parents in this regard out there? any favourite books or recipes to share or any tipps on how to adjust a family menue in order to accomodate the needs of all the eaters??


Anonymous said...

I never had allergies before coming to Japan, but I get this pressure in my nose, under my eyes, and It's so uncomfy, so I can understand how you feel.

simona said...

well, i'm not particularly good at planning meals in advance. so i don't think i can give you any tips. i do have some fairly simple recipes i could email you though.

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