hey there, spring!

yay! it's spring. and it even feels like spring here as well (including the annoying pollen allergie starting to show up again...) BUT that is even more reason to focus on the beauty and warmth and green of spring, isn't it?

check out this project! i know some of you are into crochet, doesn't this look so lovely? i gave it a go with the help of my mum and just gave it our own twist. i can't read crochet patterns especially not in english but it still turned out nicely. i love the idea of putting something colourful on a bare branch.

and for our friends in the southern hemisphere: check out some autumn inspiration and craft ideas here :)


Danielle Quarmby said...

Oh sweet, I love it!

Karolina Pettersson said...

oh the crochet leaves are so sweet!
and the spring is arriving up here now so fast, today there is 10 degrees outside and the snow is melting in the speed of light! :) finally!!!
have a nice tuesday! love/karro

Marianne said...

Nice arrangement for the photo, Sylvia! The little leaves are so cute.

simona said...

i absolutely love it! i hope you can show me how to make these little leaves.
both pictures are pretty and 'springy', they make me happy :)

pigwidget said...

I love those striking yellow/chartreuse globes - such an essence of spring! This crochet leaves are cute - have you seen these? http://www.etsy.com/listing/69687591/april-showers-flowers

Thanks for stopping by my place today :)

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