birdies in the city

because we live in completely urban surroundings i'm always searching for ideas to help my little boy develop a connection to nature all the same, especially for the years to come. but still, right infront of our windows there is so much to see and watch out for:

the above photos were taken a few days ago. the ones below are from a year ago.

yay! birdies in the city :)
we also love to watch this video (almost every day, actually):

let's see what else we'll be spotting this season!


simona said...

These are ravens building a nest, right? That's neat! I agree that some cities have a lot of nature in them. You just need to put in the extra effort to notice it with all the distractions around.

Marianne said...

A few days ago I awoke from the shy song of a bird in our backyard. Now many "buddies" have joined him and it's the loveliest time of the day for me every spring. You need no alarm. Those lovely little creatures sing you to work.

Your photos are excellent, Sylvia!

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