through the eyes of a child... i am a princess

don't you love getting those cute drawings of you made by a child?
i have so many portraits of myself drawn by the kids in my life, i just can't throw any of them away!

all credit for this art goes to my little friends emilie and sarah.

don't you love that crown? the little artist is totally into princesses right now as you can tell... and decided i should be one too!

what's also cute: they all try to spell my name but it's just a tad too unusual for them to remember.

the one below is my latest edition. i just got it on sunday.

some of you don't know how my hubby looks like.  well, he's also got a portrait, so now you know. (the thing on his chin is a tie).
but let me assure you, the quote that goes along with it not an actual one, he's not that crazy about his own hair :)  and to make it perfect it's drawn on 'hello kitty' ballerina paper - awesome!

one tip i learned from my dad: make sure you always put the name and date on the back. now you know, but in 20 -30 years it won't be easy to tell which of your kids drew it and when that was. sometimes my dad also wrote on the back what we said when we gave it to him. that makes for good laughs now!

what do you do with kids' artwork? stick it on the fridge? file it away?


sylvia said...

LOL! that picture of your hubby is hilarious! LOVE it! well, no artwork from Mr. S up to now... but i love the idea my friend Anke has, she made some pieces already, copying kids artwork onto a large canvas an adding some interesting texture etc to it...

Anonymous said...

Soooooo adorable!!!
I can't wait to get my portraits hahahaha my baby is seven months old, I think I have to wait a little while.

Marianne said...

My oh my! What a handsome husband you've got. Well, little girls note the difference, ha, ha!!

Marianne said...

......but what did you do with your hands?

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