how deep is your in-law love?

for some people, just hearing the term "in-laws" gives them shivers down their spine. gladly, i have lovely in-laws. now this is the part where most bloggers would compose a beautifully written post with lots of kind words full of praise and love. although i feel that this is what my parents-in-law fully deserve, i am just not that openly sentimental. instead of taking the time writing nice things that will make me feel silly once i'm done, i spent much time making a personal hand-made present for them. that's my way of expressing myself.

in the past years we've been late with almost every anniversary gift for my parents-in-law. shame on us. to make up for it we presented this year's anniversary gift already yesterday over skype (my in-laws' anniversary is some time in summer so we sort of over-compensated). we will give it to them when we visit them in a few weeks. then we're off the hook for summer, i'll just have to remember sending a nice card and perhaps just a little something... and make sure it arrives on time.

take a guess at what the anniversary gift idea was...  well, wouldn't you know: another pencil portrait!
my husband has again been really helpful in motivating me when i felt like giving up. and this is how it came out:

i was a little disappointed in the paper i used. the pad didn't have the quality as my other pad does. when i tried to blend and smudge i needed to be super careful since the top layer seemed like it didn't want to hold, it started getting scratchy. the other pad that i used for my recent portraits was much better but was too small for the two person portrait. time to get a new pad! none of them has the brand name on it anymore, so i don't know which one is which.

what paper do you prefer? any recommendations?

and tell me about your in-laws! do you love spending time together or do you tend to avoid them?


sylvia said...

simona, this is just amazing amazing amazing! i think anybody who doesn't know how these two people look in real life (just like that!!!!) can really tell how much talent is behind this portrait. really, i'm speechless. i have the most talented, artistic sister in the WORLD!! LUV YA!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Marianne said...

Simonachen, I don't know what to say - and I have a problem seeing the portrait properly, because my eyes are filled with tears.

Our whole family can truly be called HAPPY, because we got to know Philip and his very dear parents, whom you so masterfully drew.

Congratulations on this excellent portrait!!!!

Stefanie Elisabeth said...

Einfach sprachlos bin ich!!!! Wirklich toll . WOW

ellenmarie said...

you are seriously, ridiculously phenomenal with drawing/sketching! i love seeing your drawing posts! more please :)

and i am lucky and have wonderful in laws too! they are always kind and supportive. i feel so lucky since i hear nightmares about how bad in laws can be!

simona said...

@ ellen: i'm glad to hear that you've got nice in laws too!
i'll work on having more drawing posts, thanks for the encouragement.

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