from the archives: sewing for boys

this is an old post from my old blog... oh, too much "old" in one sentence ;) BUT this is a sewing project i LOVED and that totally inspired me, so i wanted to share it here too: and by the way, the below mentioned blogs are having a celebrate the boy revival at the moment, be sure to check them out!

you may have seen in my sidebar, it's CELEBRATE THE BOY month over at some pretty awesome blogs. a month of daily posts, tutorials and giveaways of great handmade stuff for boys. i have to admit i'm quite overwhelmed with the amount of projects showing up there, and completely inspired by the flickr pool. didn't know where to start.

90_minute shirt - from papa's old t-shirt!

so i chose the 90-minute shirt (which took me more like, 360 minutes?) because i really love upcycling and the cuffs? too cute. unfortunately, they are the part of the project that i simply didn't get done. it just didn't work for me. i have an idea how i will deal with that on the next shirt i make (still plenty of that red t-shirt fabric left) so i went for the "raw" finish of the sleeves and did some wild stitching just to add to the feel.


also since i haven't got a serger i went for zigzag stitching along the egdge of the ribbing, but i'll leave it plain next time, as it won't fray and i think i prefer two stitched lines for decor. but i loooove the onesie-style collar, so cozy and really easy to make!

90_minute shirt - love the collar!!!

this patch looks cool, doesn't it? i had to cover up that i made the collar far too wide for the back. so i had to "close" it a little. might just add this detail to the next shirt as well, 'cause i really think it does look cool, hee hee...


so, the shirt has it's imperfections, but it'll be great for playtime. i wanted to throw it on my guy right away, i think i'll wait for a few weeks though because it did turn out a little big :) i have lovely cotton/linen fabric (once again by Kokka, bought here) that matches the shirt and i'm planning to make some simple pants with it on the weekend.

90 minute shirt - my first take

although last year this seemed to be my knitting season, i somehow don't pick up the needles at the moment... so yay for a sewing spree!


simona said...

I think it came out really cute. What a great way to recycle a shirt!

Anonymous said...

It looks great! I love the imperfections, they really give it character.

Thanks for coming by my blog, I'm so glad to have found you. I'm subscribing, and looking forward to seeing more!

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