a sketch a day: beginnings ••• week 1 •••

my resolution for 2011 is to make at least one sketch (or drawing, or painting) a day. this resolution includes me wanting to post sketches about once a week. so how did i do this last week?

i know, the past week was primarily part of 2010, but it ended in 2011, so i started my project already.

artsy ants follower anja said she'd join me on this "a sketch a day" project. if you feel up to it, it's not too late yet to join us! i'm excited about the progress we're going to make throughout the year, there's nothing like getting your skills sharpened through practice.

these are a few of the sketches i made this first week.
the first one is of artsy ant sylvia with her cute baby bump. i felt i had to add the real photo to prove that her smile is really as broad in real life!

the second one is just a random picture. needs improvement but i thought it looked fun and so wanted to show you.

1 comment:

sylvia said...

hm, i love the baby bump... sweet memories!

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