revamping old or useless artwork

do you also have artwork from the past that you can't throw away because you somewhat like it - but it's not really good enough to hang?

sometimes i feel i should take these pieces and do something with them. they all have one or the other element that i feel attached to, may it even be what, when, or where i created them.

like this one here. i made it in design school, it was a poster for a theater play. as you probably already figured out: 'romeo + julia' is german for 'romeo + juliet' - so easy! i still love the idea and look of it. but i hate the font i used, simply the standard setting for my dad's computer. i feel it should at least have been all lower case or something. this was before i had semesters of typography class.

so the question is: 
what should i do with these old and after all quite useless pieces of art? put them back in the xl size folder and ignore their existence for another few months?

true, this is what i might have to do with some pieces. but then there are others that i think i can at least use for inspiration, use them in part, or use them as background for new art. i think the first step is figuring out what exactly i like and dislike about them. so if all i don't like about the 'romeo + julia' poster is the font, why not change it? now suddenly i'm also not sure if i want to keep the theater info on it... and hey, it can be different names... wait a minute, the words don't need to be names after all!

... so here i go, i'm already in the process of recreating my art! now this good old poster doesn't seem so useless after all.

i found this cool idea back in october. roxie from art house 577 sometimes uses her painted canvases to make bags! she has many different ones on her blog. the one you see on the picture above is my favorite. her art is highly creative, messy and colorful - really cool and definitely worth checking out.

have you ever revamped your "old" art?

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What I Say Matters! said...

I like this idea! I have some old water colors I'm thinking of cutting into smaller squares stamping over and putting in small frames to put up randomly on the wall. You've inspired me to work on it!

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