featured artsy friend: stefanie

in our first featured artsy friend post, we had a look at what our friend Nike makes. today, we would like to share a creative project by our friend Stefanie from Austria. she made a beautiful wall painting in her house and shares some thoughts about it.

when you showed me pictures of your house a few years ago, this wall painting really caught my eye. what inspired you?

the empty wall ;-) no, actually colours inspire me a lot and the fact of having something selfmade and unique in the house that is not store-bought.

how does you husband like the painting?
my husband finds it difficult to be super-enthusiastic about something right away. he usually says he needs to get used to it. but when i saw his approving nod, i knew he liked it.

what are you next creative endeavours?

phew, there are a lot!! the next project i'd like to start is creating a canvas with a bible scripture together with a fitting, meaningful picture.

thanks for the interview and for sharing your artwork, steffi!


Marianne said...

Hi, Steffi,
ich mochte Dein Wandbild auch sofort, als ich es das erste Mal sah. Weiter so! Na, vielleicht bekomme ich es eines Tages persönlich zu Gesicht. Wer weiß.....

Marianne said...

Thank you for introducing another artsy friend.

Stefanie Elisabeth said...

your welcome, sylvia! hört sich gut an, das interview - auf englisch:)
ihr könnt natürlich alle gerne kommen, von mir aus auch alle gleichzeitig. sommer am lande ist hier bei uns echt wunderschön!! und rosi/christian freuen sich sicher auch!!!!

simona said...

Toll! So schön farbenfroh! Deine anderen gestrickten und genähten Sachen finde ich auch immer super.

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