winter decoration challenge - searching for ideas

today won't be a very productive day, i'm afraid. unfortunately i'm sick in bed, but as long as i'm well enough to type on my laptop and surf the web i won't complain.

i've been looking for some winter inspiration. to be precise: i'm searching for winter decoration that is not leaning itself on any holidays, but decoration that simply takes the beauty of winter and transfers it into the home. i had a hard time finding it, this is why i came up with the idea search challenge i'll describe at the end of this post.

here is my favorite wintery find:

interior designer kirsten grove has a blog i like very much, it's called "simply grove". in one of her latest posts she showed some accessories and furniture she made and i absolutely love these sweater vases. the picture above is just a sample, she's got more, so don't forget to check out her blog.

so now about the idea search challenge:

do you have any pure winter decoration ideas or did you happen to stumble upon anybody else's?
pure in the sense of only letting yourself be inspired by nature, which includes the colors and temperatures of winter?

then let us know in a comment or email us links and pictures!
we'd love to feature our favorite submitted ideas on artsy ants next week.


Joey Lynn Resciniti said...

Those are so pretty! My winter decorating pretty much consists of the Christmas tree at the moment. Come January I'll need to get a bit more creative.

Hope you're feeling better soon!

sylvia said...

cool idea, love those vases. i'm thinking of copying this idea in a more simple plans, plans...

krys kirkpatrick said...

Very cool. Great idea for recycling sweaters.

Marianne said...

Look very cute, like wearing socks. I admire persons, who have such creativity!

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