drawing with feather and ink - and winter color inspiration

this sketch was made with feather and ink. this was in my phase of experimented with using different feather tips. though it was fun, but it created big messes when the ink started spilling and leaking and all that good stuff... so you might understand why i haven't been too keen on picking it up again.

can anybody use some color inspiration?

i found this beautiful winter photograph on flickr by markus ram. maybe you'll find a use for this cold but soft color palette.

well, it's time to make myself another cup of tea. i wish i had one of sylvia's mug cozies!
stay warm, everybody!


sylvia said...

oh yeah i remember that sketch! and i love the colour palette. hugs!! (they help you keep warm too)

Karolina Pettersson said...

yes those colors are awesome, some of my favourites this time of year, very winterish!
i like the drawing, never tried to draw with feather, but i'm gonna try it out some day! ...with all the other 2136 things i am gonna try out some day... :)

now have a very merry christmas you two!
see you!
hugs from karolina!

Marianne said...

You know, we were privileged to enjoy exactly those same beautiful winter colors. And our trees and hedges looked just the same. One morning everything was covered with tiniest "ice-needles", a real winter-wonder-land.....

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