artsy challenge for 2011: a sketch a day

2011 - this will be the first year ever i make a resolution to start with something new. i think i've never been up for the challenge since i knew i'd not pull through. and i hate disappointments. so why would i set myself up to disappoint myself?

2011 will be different. i resolve to make a sketch a day. (if i happen to draw or paint in any other form i will make it count as a sketch for that day.) funny that i even have to challenge myself this way since i love sketching so much! but there are so many things going on and sometimes i just get carried away and before i know it it's midnight and time to go to bed...

these are some sample sketches i have in one of my sketchbooks. the last one is of my hubby when he first got his iPod touch. so cute in his hoodie and brand new toy :)

i will keep you updated once in a while as to how this challenge is working out for me.

does anybody want to join me?
what are your resolves or challenges for 2011?

oh, and does anybody know of a cool widget that would keep track of this challenge for me? I've seen something like it on somebody else's blog in the past but just can't find it anymore. let me know if you find one!


sylvia said...

only little resolves according to the seasons for me this time (based on the "my 2011" journal i'm keeping), like going outside for a walk/trip to playground at least once every day in winter.

that "wait for my friend" one is soooo cute. we should put this in print!

philip said...

My resolve is to eat a cookie a day! ..I know, I know, you're probably wondering why Im being so hard on myself! You're right. i'll increase it to 2/day.

Teresa said...

I agree with Sylvia, the "wait for my friend" sketch would be a gorgeous print, and would look so sweet in a child's bedroom.
Can't wait to see all your sketches this year.

Anonymous said...

i also thought of sketching more in 2011!
i don't know when i last took my sketchbook to draw something... :(
in may we will go on holiday to tunisia (or any other warm country)
and i want to make lots of sketches!
I will post some sketches in my own blog!

simona said...

Super!! Can't wait for us to work on this together!
Looking forward to seeing your sketches on your blog.

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