color palette as design inspiration

while searching for some "rainy fall weather" color inspiration (vs. the usual "beautiful fall/autumn leaves in the sunshine" colors that i of course love as well) i by chance stumbled upon this wonderful photo that was taken by john morgan. he actually shot it just about a month ago. he's a very talented photographer, you should check out his pictures on flickr!

what makes this picture so beautiful to me is - besides the composition, subject, and the technical skill - the colors. perhaps this palette will inspire you too!
what project could you imagine using this color palette for?

don't forget to leave a comment on monday's giveaway post! the drawing for both freebies will be next monday, nov. 29.


Anonymous said...

Ah, this time my user name works :)

I like the colours very much!

I'd love to decorate my living room using these colors!!!
But "unfortunately" I already have turquoise and brown (like it as well :-) )

Teresa said...

What a great change on the usual autumn colours.
Love this colour palette, going to use it for Bo's striped beanie next year.
Fantastic photo too, going to have a look at some more of his photo's now.

sylvia said...

fantastic photo and great colour palette... not sure where i would use it though. if our bathroom tiles wouldn't be pink i'd say I'd love to use this colour scheme in our bathroom .... :)

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