7 things

7 things we love to have nearby right now when making artsy stuff:

1. funky sounds like this ocean music by cellist linnea olsson or some country sounds like this.

2. a computer with skype running so i can converse with my sister at the same time

3. a steaming cup of perfect hot coffee
day 47

4. stampin' up ink spots (sylvia)

5. an apron on that is just waiting to get some paint stains.
day 111

6. fresh flowers on the table... our some chestnuts and acorns from an autumn walk

7. inspring blogs to browse and swoon over...

what do YOU need right now to get into that artsy mood?


simona said...

Right now I need my Sia station on Pandora.

Anonymous said...

I need to be surrounded by color and music.

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