completed this weekend : earthy doodle painting

this weekend was a little calmer than the past weeks had been. we've had family in town right after we got back into the country ourselves, which means hubby and i don't quite remember how everyday life feels like anymore. it was really nice to be able to see everybody though, it's always worth it.

i allowed myself to drop some plans on saturday and take a few hours to paint. i completed one painting which background had been finished before (the one you see here in this post, it's for sale), started a second one, and almost finalized a third one. i thought i had completed that third one, but there is this one thing that grabs my attention every time i look at, so it needs to be refined. i'll finish it some time this week and then show you the end result.

did you also get to finish a project this weekend?
let us know in a comment! and if you've blogged about it, make sure you add a link to your post!


Kelly @ Polkadot Lane said...

I did finish a project this weekend - a dress for Alannah BUT I, for some reason, cut it out way too big, so it will have to go away until next summer. Oh well! Will blog about it a bit later. Lovely painting xx

Marianne said...

Yes, I also finished a project, although just passively, so to speak, because I finished reading a book: "The Happiness Project" by Gretchen Rubin. Lots of interesting ideas and aspects of how to improve one's happiness.
I also finished clearing off some parts of my garden, where we had harvested tomatoes and miniature pumpkins and got the areas ready for spring.

Tracey said...

Another great piece of art Simona.
I did finish a project, a sweater I have been knitting. That now makes three sweaters down and four still to go by Christmas!

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